Vince Repaci ~ Background and Introduction

I have had an unusual career in that I got an advanced degree and then immediately left the field. My career has also been marked by multiple pivots between roles and industries to carve out a highly specilized niche.

As a kid I watched a lot of David Attenborough and that led to a desire to work in Conservation. I followed that desire to a PhD in Conservation Genetics, with the ambition of becoming a professor. Halfway through the PhD I realized that all the time in the lab was making me bad (or worse) with people. It was an issue all around the industry and affected how well conservation is taught and practised. This got me interested in communication and and biology affects behavior in the modern world. 

At the end of my PhD I realized that I was poorly suited to the life of an academic and that I the consulting I'd done showing businesses and people using an understanding of how biology affects behavior was some of the most fulfilling work I'd done. I then had to transition between fields and industries with a skillset that no one understood and few people cared about. Fortunately, my background in research and science gave me a good grounding to develop methods to and transition a career. These have helped me and others change careers and build careers in new countries. From there I consulted, managed IT projects and research teams and continued to work with individuals and teams to build high performance using a combination of traditional business training and an understanding of biology.

Outside I've work I ride motorcycles to interesting places despite a lack of any real ability and fail to catch fish as often as practical. 

Sample intros for interviews:

Vince has a PhD in Conservation Genetics which he really hasn't used that much professionally. He has worked as a management consultant, a project manager and a IT specialist. Throughout his career he has developed and shared ways for individuals and teams to grow professionally.



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Prepared topics

When doing interviews I speak from a combination of scientific and business research and personal and professional experience. I am very happy to talk about any topic that the host feels is appropriate and also have prepared notes around the following:

  • How to change careers and tips for job hunting when switching careers

  • How to grow your career outside of the normal job application - interview process 

  • How to use professional conferences as career building tools

  • Simple performance management and productivity to manage your team and your boss

  • The changes associated with a workforce primarily made of millennial's 

  • How biology and genetics affects who you date, how you work and what you do for fun

Speaking &Media experience

i have almost 20 years professional speaking and teaching experience teaching biology, statistics, business, medicine and environmental science at Universities and Colleges in Australia and North America. I was awarded based on my ability to present research to a lay audience, the video proof of which still exists on the internet, sadly.

In a professional capacity I act as an expert source on matters related to career development, organisational and team development and the ways that genetics influences our behavior daily. I try to keep to an up to date record on these media comments on the sites media page, available here.

Home studio set up

To ensure good audio quality for interviews I have a home studio set up with a Samson c01 studio microphone with pop filter running into a steinburg audio interface. I can also stream HD video though I have a face which is made for radio.

Marketing plan

Microphone Sound Editing

I promote podcast appearances both via facebook community and linkedin pages. These are comprised of professional contacts and previous clients and are typically universities educated white collar professionals between the ages of 25-65.

Podacast and inteviews are also linked from this sites media page and I am available to write guest posts and/or speak at live events where it helps my collaborators.