Senior Coaches

Vince is pretty good at jumping between titles, roles and industries which is interesting given that he never got the hang of jump rope as a kid.

A Doctor of Conservation Genetics Vince had a career as a research and teaching academic with teaching positions in Science, Environmental Science and Medicine. He diversified into positions teaching data analysis and business statistics before jumping entirely into business.

In his second career Vince has held roles as Project Manager, Partner Manager and Management Consultant as well roles in start-ups. In all of these positions he has been an active mentor and coach. Drawing from evolutionary and genetic psychology as well as traditional business thinking Vince is especially skilled at helping people transition between careers and building collaboration and performance into teams. 

Laura is an expert at building systems that help people and facilitate good decision making, she also plays a pretty mean guitar.

Laura's background is in large, high stakes project work where she earned a reputation for delivering difficult projects with challenging timelines when other teams had failed. She also earned a reputation for riding a motorcycle without all of the appropriate safety gear, which is somewhat ironic given how many safety related projects she's led.

Laura has the very rare ability to build systems that work for people and drive outcomes. Building people that work on systems that drive you crazy is a more common approach, but not nearly as good. 

As a coach Laura specialises in cutting through the noise to deliver the optimal route from where you are to where you need to be.

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